Making of 'Nothing to Lose' Music Video

A few months ago I met with Rollin' Empire to come up with some ideas for a music video to their new single 'Nothing to Lose'. Having done mostly performance based videos before we wanted to do something a little bigger and also something with a sense of humour. 

The idea was to put the band front and centre with new identities in an 1980's tv show version of their song. A lo-fi heist story with Rollin' Empire playing a dodgy version of the A-Team, filled with lots of nods and references to 80's and early 90's TV and movies.

There are a few changes of costumes throughout mainly within the first 30 seconds or so to give the impression of previous episodes in the title sequence.

I made the robot the same way all Hollywood movie robots are built these days, by using a miniature skateboard, two basins and some cardboard.

For all the little references throughout these title sequences (and Scarface montage) pretty much set the tone, a mixture of slapstick and deadly importance.

...and the final video... until the sequel.

Locus of Control Cast and Crew Screening

Brilliant night for our cast and crew screening last night. Great reception to the film and a testament to the performances throughout.

Locus of Control

Last year I made my first feature film - Locus of Control. I got the chance to work with some incredibly talented people over a short amount of time and couldn't be more grateful for all their hard work. Its great to have the film finished and ready to screen with dates to be announced soon. 

Watch the first teaser trailer below.

Original Source

A video I made with Anthony Barry, Wayne Farry and James Feely for Original Source shower gel is now online as part of campaign to advertise their new bottle design.

We also made another video that they decided not to use but it makes me laugh so here it is.

Cavalier Online

The short film that I made last year has finished its travels and is now on Youtube.

I'm amazed at the response Cavalier has received at its various screenings around the world and want to say a massive thank you to all the festival programmers and of course to everyone who helped make the film too.

The film has a great cast with Peter McGann, Aoife Spratt, Roisin Dolan and Kenny Gaughan. Not to mention the help we got from Liam Doherty, Clodagh Feaheny and Kieran Somers. 

The brilliant score was made by Callum Condron.

Take a look.

Rollin' Empire

I got a chance to work with Rollin' Empire recently to make their first ever video for a track called R.I.S.E. 

Their first single, Fall can be heard here 

They're currently in the middle of recording their first album at the moment so there'll be lots more to come from them this year.