Making of 'Nothing to Lose' Music Video

A few months ago I met with Rollin' Empire to come up with some ideas for a music video to their new single 'Nothing to Lose'. Having done mostly performance based videos before we wanted to do something a little bigger and also something with a sense of humour. 

The idea was to put the band front and centre with new identities in an 1980's tv show version of their song. A lo-fi heist story with Rollin' Empire playing a dodgy version of the A-Team, filled with lots of nods and references to 80's and early 90's TV and movies.

There are a few changes of costumes throughout mainly within the first 30 seconds or so to give the impression of previous episodes in the title sequence.

I made the robot the same way all Hollywood movie robots are built these days, by using a miniature skateboard, two basins and some cardboard.

For all the little references throughout these title sequences (and Scarface montage) pretty much set the tone, a mixture of slapstick and deadly importance.

...and the final video... until the sequel.