BBC3 - Amazing Humans

The last project before Christmas was the chance to help make this video for BBC3 as part of their Amazing Humans series. I got to follow a compassionate group of volunteers as they spent the night handing out sleeping bags and other essential items to people sleeping on the street. Grace Dooley and her friends have raised thousands online in the last few weeks to help with their ever growing campaign to provide immediate support for those in need. 

If you're interested in making a contribution to help people sleeping on the streets of Dublin and Cork their GoFundMe page is here. 

Rollin' Empire - Long Way Down

The new down and dirty video for Rollin' Empire has gone online. It was a quick evening shoot with some kaleidoscopic madness thrown in for good measure. This is the fifth video I've made with Rollin' Empire and hopefully there'll be more in the future. You can listen to their entire album on Spotify now too.

I Am Harlequin

I've been waiting to share this one for a while and it was a lot of fun to make. Highlights include myself and Peter McGann locked in a room listening to the song on a loop for a day and going slightly insane. Feeling like a creep by going into a toy shop on a Sunday looking for a Barbie doll with a specific coloured dress and finally, almost lighting myself on fire by severely underestimating the flammability of petrol (its very flammable) Enjoy!

IAH - Minimal Master.mp4.Still004.jpg

Making of 'Nothing to Lose' Music Video

A few months ago I met with Rollin' Empire to come up with some ideas for a music video to their new single 'Nothing to Lose'. Having done mostly performance based videos before we wanted to do something a little bigger and also something with a sense of humour. 

The idea was to put the band front and centre with new identities in an 1980's tv show version of their song. A lo-fi heist story with Rollin' Empire playing a dodgy version of the A-Team, filled with lots of nods and references to 80's and early 90's TV and movies.

There are a few changes of costumes throughout mainly within the first 30 seconds or so to give the impression of previous episodes in the title sequence.

I made the robot the same way all Hollywood movie robots are built these days, by using a miniature skateboard, two basins and some cardboard.

For all the little references throughout these title sequences (and Scarface montage) pretty much set the tone, a mixture of slapstick and deadly importance.

...and the final video... until the sequel.